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Get your garden ready for the new year with these simple winter garden jobs

Posted on December 27, 2016 at 12:43 pm

Maintaining your garden during the winter months when it’s raining, wet and cold, but these simple winter jobs can really help keep your garden looking its best all year round. Winters can be harsh to our beautiful gardens as the ice can damage the plant life, allotment areas and make the garden look a little worn out.

Follow these three simple steps to maintaining your garden this winter:

  • Aerate the lawn, this is so important as the winter has made the lawn damp and creating this compact swamp type grass. With the wet getting in between the grass, it is unable to air out, therefore not allowing the soil beneath to be exposed to the sun and air. Using a garden fork or rake, simple glide over the grass, separating the strands and allowing for the air to get in between, this will help to feed your lawn ready for a healthy looking lawn come springtime.
  • Raking the laves sounds like a cliché gardening job but it really does help the appearance of your garden and you can start creating compost from your garden waste using a composting tank. When leaves fall from the tree and land on patio or walk way areas, the rain fall can cause the leave to stick to the floor and becomes a nuisance to left. Rake up your walkways and lawn area regularly, allowing the grass to breath and absorb the sunlight as much as possible.leaves
  • Clean up your patio area, making it an easier cleaning job in the spring and summer months. Washing the build-up of mud and grime from the decking of tiled patio is a must if you want your guests to feel comfortable sitting out in your garden. Doing regular patio cleans takes the strain off cleaning the tiles come spring time.

Winter time is definitely not the best time of year to be out in the garden, but will be worth the effort when you have your family and friends in your garden when the sun comes out.




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Using your Gazebo canopies all year round

Posted on November 27, 2016 at 5:57 am

With the winter months drawing in, the thought of sitting out in you back garden is not as inviting compared to those summer evenings. Well getting the right gazebo canopies and possible some heating solutions your back garden can be a great alternative to sitting indoors in front of the television every evening.

Although gazebos are known the provide protection from the sun, they also need to protect from the rainy weather too. Allowing you to use your gazebo in all weather conditions.

Gazebos can come with a great array of enclosures, some curtain shuts and some have waterproof windows in the side panels too. You really can make your back garden gazebo very pleasing to the eye. If you love outdoor living, then an all year round gazebo is the way forward.

Gazebos come in many shapes and sizes with an array of designs for you to choose from, and at a great price as they are very cost effective. Gazebos are essentially a free standing structure with a roof and the choice to have open or closed sides. This type of design allows you to provide shelter from either the sun or rainfall and still enjoy a dining experience outdoors.

As mentioned above, gazebos can come in a variety of sizes, including round or even 8 sided models if you like. Whichever you choose, you also have the material to think about. The frames can be made out of plastic, wood, wrought iron or aluminum depending on your requirements and of course your budget, and whether you prefer a more permanent gazebo or one that you can pop-up when needed.gazebo

Gazebos are a great design feature for your back garden and with the right décor they can look fantastic. Outdoor lighting and exterior heating may also be needed during those colder evenings, to help take the chill away.

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London awnings

Posted on November 14, 2016 at 11:25 am

An awning is a roof-like structure, that is made of plastic or canvas, which provides shade over a storefront, window, door or deck. It is a canvas roof supported by a frame to give protection against the weather. It is also often constructed of aluminium understructure with aluminium sheeting. Awnings are used for both residential and commercial purposes. The main use of awnings is sun protection, it cuts glare and UV rays both indoors and outdoors, they provide shade and also reduce heat. Different types of awnings are available. Awnings are visually stunning which goes together with the architectural design of any home or any commercial building.

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Giving your awning a deep clean

Posted on October 13, 2016 at 4:54 am

An awning goes through a lot throughout the course of the year. Not only does it have to face beaming sun in the summer, it also has to withstand rain, snow, sleet, high winds and hail. That means that it can get filthy, so it will need a deep clean at least once a year. To do this you’ll need to detach the fabric from the awning structure and soak it in warm soapy water. Depending on the stains from dust, dirt and moss you may want to add a touch of bleach too but only if the material is strong enough to handle bleach. Check the label for more information on this. Once you’ve given it a good soak in soapy water, hang it out to dry and make sure everything is still intact. Once the process is complete see whether it’s looking fresh, if it needs a stronger cleaning agent you may want to try a carpet cleaning spray. Once complete hang it back up to be used again. It’s not a fun job but it’s worth doing once a year.

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Making your garden furniture more shabby chic

Posted on September 21, 2016 at 4:51 am

There are many ways in which you can make your garden furniture look more shabby chic, but one of the best ways is to start from scratch. By this we do not mean rebuilding your garden furniture, we simply mean sanding the furniture down, oiling it and panting over it. By doing this you can quickly transform the look of your tables, stalls and chairs, or even large outbuildings like summerhouses and sheds. Once you’ve chosen the colour you like, whether it be pink, green or blue, simply apply the paint after the oiling stage. Chalk paint is the best for producing the shabby chic look because it gives the appearance of paint that’s been faded over time due to sun exposure and there are many popular brands to choose between. By choosing this type of paint you can make your garden furniture not necessarily look newer, but more stylish and more in-line with current trends.

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