Garden strimmer’s for your garden: petrol-fuelled vs electric

Posted on April 12, 2017 at 12:50 pm

If you are choosing to buy a strimmer to help with your garden maintenance, and are struggling to decide between a petrol-fuelled and an electric strimmer we have decided to help you out by covering a few pointers to assist with your purchase.

A grass strimmer is definitely a great tool to assist alongside your lawn mower, is has the task of cutting away debris in your garden. Some models even allow you to clear away areas as wide as 18 inches with a single swoop across the area. Other devices provide a smaller range of cutting and are ideal to use in the garden around the plants you wish to protect.

A petrol-fuelled strimmer tends to be stronger allow you to cut through denser material with ease. When the material is dense, the electric motor is limited.

Cord length with an electric strimmer can be an issue for larger gardens, making a petrol strimmer a better option, remembering you will need to refuel the petrol variety. However, to many people, this is an acceptable compromise to get the job done much more easily and efficiently.

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