Simple lighting tips and options for your outdoors summer house

Posted on July 22, 2017 at 3:07 pm

Summer houses are a great way for you to spend time outside in the midst of warmer weather. One of the most important features for your summer house would be lighting.

First off, think if you’re going to use your summer house during the night, because if that’s not so, then there’s no real need to light it up. If you are wanting to relax and reside there at night, then good interior and exterior lights are mandatory, you’ll want yourself and people to see and navigate your house. For those wanting to get creative, hanging up lights on trees and fixtures around your house or along the pathway are great!

The bulbs can come in different colours, patterns, and designs, such as a red, crystal bulb. Choose which one reflects the mood and purpose of your house. After setting up any lights, you’ll want a way to power them. Either they’re already powered as battery-powered or temporary bulbs, or you can set up a generator or an electric cable to the lighting.

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