Best climbing plants for your pergolas or arches

Posted on August 28, 2017 at 3:44 am

If you are wanting to create a wilder look for your garden you may want to add some climbing flowers to your arches or pergolas to add a bit more character to your homes exterior. There are climbing flowers that you can choose from, each creating a unique look to your garden.

We have listed a few options to help you to decide what to add to your own garden:

Lilac Solanum- This evergreen flower grows rapidly and produces beautiful purple flowers during the summer months.

Clematis- These climb using tendrils and entwine around other flowers and posts, they create a blanket of plant life, with green leaves and small flowers, this creates a beautiful look to your garden.

Heavyweight Wisteria- Perfect for solid pergolas as the Wisteria requires a sturdy framework. This elegant plant adds beauty to and garden style.

Jasmine- These beautiful flowers create a starry look to your garden and with an unmistakeable scent, they look perfect growing on pergolas over your garden seating area.

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